Our Studios at Sapphire Village

While "on island" it's polite and goes a long way to say, "Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good Night".  It's an Island thing.


 * Once you pay a deposit for the reservation, it is not refundable if you change your mind for any reason. There are two exceptions. (1) If you are unable to come because of a medical emergency, your doctor’s note is accepted.  (2) If the island is “shut down” by adverse weather conditions, or it would be otherwise be unsafe for you to come. If this policy is a concern for you, please consider buying “Travelers Insurance.”
* Your credit card will be charged by Merchant: M B Marketing & Mfg, my company in Asheville NC, where we run dozens of cc charges daily over a secure server.
* Our units are not equipped for handicap use, and you must be prepared to climb a short flight of stairs to get to the unit. There’s no elevator.
* All Sapphire Village Condominiums are privately owned. Homeowners are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. Homeowners are not responsible for any loss of Guest’s belongings or valuables.
* By accepting the reservation, Guests agree that all Guests expressly assume the risk of any harm arising from the use of the premises, or any others they invite to use the premises. 
* You cannot smoke anywhere in the Condo: not even on the balcony.
* People other than those in the Guest Party you named in our Rental Agreement may not stay overnight in our condo.
* Do not flush anything besides toilet paper.
* Pets are not allowed. Do not feed any animals on the property. Our rule and the rule of the Condominium Owner's Association.
* Please keep the property and all furnishings clean and in good order.  Please treat our home like your home.
* On arriving, if you find anything in the Studio that requires attention, or at any time you need, email me first at johnmcleod7@yahoo.com your message pops on my iPhone right away.
* Sapphire Village Condominium Owner's Association has its own Rules, a copy of which can be seen in our helpful notebook that you'll see in the Condo.
*  PARKING - You must get a Parking Pass as soon as you can from the Sapphire Village Office, open Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 4:30. This is a helpful security measure, so if you arrive on the weekend, you'll be ok, but please go, first thing on a weekday to get your Pass.

*  BEACH TOWELS - Please just use the beach towels for the beach.

*  SAND - Please get as much sand off of yourself before entering or taking a shower in the Studio.

*  TV - It takes both remotes to make the TV function. One is for the TV, the other for the Cable box. (If it's bad weather, you'll likely get a bad signal.. we hope you don't get either.)

*  WHEN YOU HAVE TO LEAVE, please take the trash out.

*  WET TOWELS, leave wet towels on towel racks, thank you.

*  KEYS - When you must go back home, just leave the keys on the ledge by the door and lock the door behind you.

*  Our WiFi in #182 Dominica - NETGEAR50; Password: thoughtfulnest265

*  Our WiFi in #246 Barbados - NETGEAR71; Password: blackpiano369